The Backstory of the latest edition of Newsweek highlights findings from original research of the Institute for Sustainable Cities and Evan Mason of Sustainable Yards.  Lesley Patrick, Program Manger at the Institute and researchers–Jennifer Cox, Kristen Grady, and Kate Ervin, worked with Evan and CISC interns on this project to map out the private, non-public green spaces of Manhattan to conduct an analysis of their potential ecosystem services.

Information for this article comes from the Urban Forests in Our Midst research project, which seeks to take a more focused approach to understanding the benefits of private green space in New York City. Research on the benefits of public green spaces is more common, partially because access is easier as Evan Mason discusses in this interview on the Wonderland blog.

For more information on the project and to hear CISC Director and Evan Mason on the Brian Lehrer show, see our project page.



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