Richard Reiss is a research fellow in communications, and is the co-founder and editor of City Atlas, the Institute’s partnership for public communications about the future of New York City. City Atlas launched with a Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation Fund award in October, 2011. Over 100 interns from schools including CUNY, NYU, Columbia, Barnard, Princeton and Yale have worked on City Atlas since then, and the project contains over 900 posts about the past, present and future New York City. Richard is also a founder of Artist As Citizen, a nonprofit arts organization that links top young creative talent with projects in the public interest (and which provided teams for the development of City Atlas). Prior to developing nonprofit media, Richard worked as a director of television commercials, and is a member of the DGA. He received a BA in Architecture from Yale University, he is a board member of the Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance, and he is currently collaborating with students at Yale in developing the Yale Decarbonization Challenge, which works to educate students and alumni on how to begin to decarbonize their own lifestyles to help meet the 2°C target of the UNFCCC.


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