The Urban Sustainability Extension Service in the South Bronx

The Urban Sustainable Extension Service (USES) will work with Sustainable South Bronx to engage South Bronx residents around issues of community sustainability.  USES will implement a series of small-scale projects aimed at improving the pedestrian experience in South Bronx neighborhoods and creating better ways to communicate best practices related to energy efficiency to residents.  USES and Sustainable South Bronx seek to work together to engage community stakeholders to participate in decisions shaping the built environment.

About the Urban Sustainability Extension Service

The Urban Sustainability Extension Service (USES) is a program of the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities.   USES creates opportunities for faculty and students at Hunter College to work in partnership with community stakeholders to collectively address issues related to urban sustainability.  USES has taken a broad view of sustainability to consider technical, institutional, design, and planning interventions.

About Sustainable South Bronx 

Founded in 2001, Sustainable South Bronx (SSBx) began out of a desire to advocate for parks and green development in the South Bronx and to promote environmental justice in a neighborhood that has borne, and continues to bear, a heavy environmental burden for the rest of the city. SSBx’s earliest efforts played a major role in the development of the South Bronx Greenway, a significant effort to increase recreation, expand waterfront access, and improve transportation safety in the South Bronx.

SSBx’s work has evolved over the past decade and now reflects the belief that the environmental challenges facing the South Bronx cannot be separated from the neighborhood’s economic and social concerns. Today, the mission of SSBx is to address economic and environmental issues in the South Bronx – and throughout New York City – through a combination of green job training, community greening programs, and social enterprise.



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