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GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS) SPECIALISTS work with related software and programs to create and maintain data and/or maps that can be combined with geographically referenced data. GIS software has the capacity to relate different types of data such as socioeconomic, demographic, administrative or political boundaries, land use, land cover, environmental, infrastructure, and transportation networks.

● Formal training (eg. Degree) or high level of experience with GIS and data visualization.
● Strong GIS skills with two or more GIS packages (e.g., Carto DB, ArcGIS)
● Strong Macro / C / C++ / Visual Basic programming skills
● Strong Oracle or related RDBMS skills including development skills
● Excellent verbal / written communication skills
● Genuinely excited and enthusiastic about learning and pushing technical limits / finding new solutions
● Good writing skills for documentation, training, processes
● 1-2 years “Handson” experience
● Good analytical / problem solving skills
● A basic understanding of the concepts behind data management in a relational database
● Good IT technical skills
● The ability to think and solve problems

To work with faculty and educational designers to conceptualize ways to integrate GIS into the course design as both a means to augment the instructional content and student interactions with the data through various forms of hands on projects, group activities, and assessments.

● Create maps and graphs, using GIS software and related equipment.
● Meet with clients (faculty) to define data needs, project requirements, required outputs, or to develop applications.
● Conduct Research to locate and obtain existing databases.
● Gather, analyze, and integrate spatial data from staff and determine how best the information can be displayed using GIS.
● Compile geographic data from a variety of sources including censuses, field observation, satellite imagery, aerial photographs, and existing maps.
● Analyze spatial data for geographic statistics to incorporate into documents and reports.
● Design and update database, applying additional knowledge of spatial feature
● Enter new map data through use of a digitizer or by direct input of coordinate information using the principles of cartography including coordinate systems, longitude, latitude, elevation, topography, and map scales.
● Analyze geographic relationships among varying types of data.
● Prepare metadata and other documentation.
● Operate and maintain GIS system hardware, software, plotter, digitizer, color printer, and video camera.
● Move, copy, delete, and add files, drawings, and maps to output reports in hard copy or electronic transfer.
● Present information to clients (and answer questions.
● Retrieve stored maps.

● Geography Knowledge
of various methods for describing the location and distribution of land, sea, and air masses including their physical locations, relationships, and characteristics.
● Communication, Written, Oral, and Cartographic The ability to convey GIS/spatial
information to nonGIS/ technical people.
● Analytical Skills The ability to solve problems using the GIS suite of tools.
● Mathematics Using mathematics to solve problems.
● Information Gathering Knowing how to find information and identify essential information, and validate the information.
● Information Ordering The ability to correctly follow a given rule or set of rules in order to arrange things or actions in a certain order.
● Computer Science Using and developing computer programs to solve problems.
● Systems Evaluation Looking at many indicators of system performance, taking into account their accuracy.

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Work well as part of a team
• Be able to see other people’s point of view and cope with criticism
• Be highly motivated and organized

New York University
10 Astor Place, New York NY 10003
Geographic Information Systems Specialist
8-12 month contract+


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