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Yale Alumni Public Health Initiative Presents: Health and Climate Change

Yale Alumni Public Health Initiative Presents: Health and Climate Change

Interested in environmental health and climate change? In this seminar featuring Institute of Sustainable Cities Fellow and City Atlas Co-Founder Richard Reiss we will explore the interplay of global health and the environment, in particular the significant impact of climate change on health outcomes. Further, we will...


Solar Power Comes to Brooklyn

Home solar power has been booming across the US. But here in New York City, how would one go about going solar? Solarize Brooklyn just guided 23 homes through the process. Read more about Solarize Brooklyn on the City Atlas web page.


Citizenship in the 21st Century

If a part of the body could think, it would never think it could survive at the cost of the whole. If we accept the extreme interconnectedness of different systems and processes on the Earth, this same concept can be applied on a societal level. Read more about this concept here, in a City Atlas article detailing the...


How Would You Design the Future of NYC?

In the third of City Atlas’ TEDxCity2.0 videos, from an event hosted by City Atlas and the sus­tain­able cof­fee bar COFFEED, Eric Sander­son intro­duces Man­na­hatta 2409. Dr. Sander­son is a Senior Con­ser­va­tion Ecol­o­gist at the Wildlife Con­ser­va­tion Soci­ety, and the cre­ator of the...


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